Our Company History

2014 – 2023 

Still staying on top of things...so you don't have to

Over the last 9 years we have continued with the strategies and tactics that worked the best. Things constantly change so we are constantly upgrading and refining our processes


Created First Client Facebook Video Direct marketing Campaign

This campaign was very simple, but very effective. Videos were used to get traffic, and sound direct marketing principles were used to convert the traffic to sales. This approach still works!


Created first YouTube video based ad for one of our clients

The Internet continued to evolve in an exponential rate. As bandwidth increased, video began to dominate Internet traffic. This also held true for Ad-Based promotions, as well as “Infomercial” type videos.


Created our First Facebook Ad Campaign For a Client

Soon after Facebook opened up the “traffic faucet” it was slowed considerably unless you paid for traffic. FB was still the cheapest traffic around, it just wasn’t free anymore. On the whole it still worked well…so we kept at it!


Created our first facebook fan page for one of our clients

In the early days of Facebook fan pages could get you massive traffic. They were all the rage until FB began throttling back the free traffic for a more lucrative paid traffic model. Ah well, we knew it wouldn’t last.


Created our first WordPress based website for one of our clients

This site was developed for a client who runs a flooring company in the USA. The client is still using the same content today, with an upgraded look and feel on the front end.


Created 100th client website

We realized this years after the fact. We were so wrapped up in doing what we do..we weren't counting!


Created our first experimental WordPress blog For our own company news

In 2004 using WordPress version 1.2 “Mingus” and theme “Kubrick” we created our first WordPress Blog. It wasn’t much to look at, but even then it was easy to use.


Developed our first PHP/MYSQL powered website

In 2003 we were hired to create a database-driven website for a used vehicle dealer. It allowed them to manage, and present their inventory online. That site has gone on to make the client tens of millions!


Changed our hosting platform to (the more reliable) Linux

After about 18 months, we realized that like the Windows OS for PC's, Windows servers have to be rebooted on a regular basis or they freeze. It was a lot of work, but everything was re-deployed on Linux servers. It was worth it.


Added Windows NT Hosting to our service offerings

Our first sites were published on hosting that was provided by several third party companies. This proved to be unreliable, and it was way more trouble than it was worth. At this point, we decided to build our own server infrastructure.


Developed our first website using ASP

Microsoft released ASP 1.0 late in 1996. We waited for a couple of years before using it on client websites because new software tends to be unstable. Once we started using it it offered significantly faster development times for client websites.


Created our first interactive website (a simple shopping cart) using perl

Sites now needed interactivity, Guestbooks, email forms and shopping carts were in demand. There was no Shopify then. Everything had to be hand coded from scratch.


Formed our first web design company building simple HTML based websites

Since the web was taking off, and there were few people to do this type of work. We were building a lot of simple HTML-Based websites. These days the sites would almost be laughable, but at the time they were bleeding edge.


Developed our first website using HTML, and a few photos.

While the founder was still in college, local businesses kept making contact to get websites built. At this point the web thing was a sideline. Who knew!